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Nick Krop

I am a Maryland native; born and raised in Frederick. It was my love of basketball that brought me out to Minnesota to play for Crown College's DIII basketball team. It was there that I met Aleta, who was graciously willing to move out to Maryland after we graduated. She's pretty great!

I graduated college with a major in Business Administration and Christian Studies as well as a minor in Coaching. 

After Lete and I got to Maryland I began working with my brother and my dad as an account manager for our various businesses and a real estate agent for our real estate company, Remax Plus. Lete and I then got married in March 2015 and our daughter, Madison, was born in October 2016. 

It was not until our honeymoon that I first stepped foot into Disney World. At that time, I wasn't convinced of Disney's amazingness (I know, that's pretty insane, but it's true!). But then, we went back to Disney a little later on that year, and something just clicked - I loved it. The architecture, the cast members, the state-of-the-art everything; I mean, it's just incredible. Since then we got our annual passes and have gone to Disney about 3 or more times per year; and looking to increase that!

Aleta 'Lete' Krop

I was born and raised in the wonderful state of Minnesota. As I have lived there for so long, of course my favorite season is winter. In college I met my husband, who was from Maryland. Not sure why he would want to come all the way to Minnesota, but I'm sure glad he did.

In college, I never could find the right major that was for me. I switched majors 6 times during my freshman year. The end of my freshman year was the year I fell in love in photography and design, which was when I changed my degree to Communication, with an emphasis in Digital Arts.

I started photographing weddings my junior year of college and have loved every aspect of photography, and have done a few shoots in Disney! My main job, though, is virtual assistant/social media management for a variety of clients from local Maryland nonprofits to online fitness coaches in California. 

I have loved Disney since the first minute I stepped foot in Magic Kingdom in my early 20's. I was so excited when Nick came around to share my love for Disney and we're both so excited to be able to do more with our love for Disney with this shop!

About Nick & Lete

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Now we want to do more. We love the Disney community and want to share that love with everyone else, so we created Nick & Lete. The purpose of Nick & Lete is to create unique designs for bags and apparel that will resonate with other Disney fanatics. Designs that capture those aspects about Disney that go beyond just Mickey ears on objects, but the smaller details that you can only know and connect with by actually going to Disney.

We hope you like our bags and shirts, and will be adding new designs continually. You can keep up with us by subscribing to our newsletter and following along with us on Instagram. We look forward to seeing what your think of our designs and hope to see you in the parks!